Introducing the most Powerful Bluetooth 5 Module – The BL654

Powered by Nordic’s nRF52840 silicon, the small form factor BL654 modules, DVKs and USB Dongle provide for a secure, robust BLE and Cortex -M4F CPU for any OEM’s product design. The BL654 provides you with maximum development flexibility with programming options for the Nordic SDK, a simple, intuitive AT Command Set, as well as Laird’s own smartBASIC environment.
The BL654 series brings out all nRF52840 hardware features and capabilities including USB access, up to 5.5V supply considerations, and 802.15.4 (Thread) implementation. Complete regulatory certifications enable faster time to market and reduced development risk completes Laird’s simplification of your next Bluetooth design!
  • Bluetooth v5 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plus NFC
  • Thread 802.15.4 functionality (via Nordic SDK)
  • Widest range of configurable interfaces: UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, GPIO, PWM, FREQ, and NFC
  • Industrial Temp Rating (-40º to +85º C)
  • Ultra-Small footprint (15mm x 10mm x 2.2mm)
  • BLE Peripheral/Central roles with DTM embedded
  • 2Mbps & LE Long Range: Support for 2Mbps, 1Mbps, & 125kps coded
  • Hostless operation – Internal MCU reduces BOM
  • Powerful Core Cortex-M4F (1MB Flash, 256k RAM)
  • Built on years of experience with Nordic (BL600 & BL652 Series)
  • Fully featured development kit everything needed to start BLE development
  • Application Design Choice: Leverage Laird’s smartBASIC, simple AT Command Set or utilize Nordic SDK directly.
  • USB Dongle option: Packaged USB Adapter – bring full Bluetooth v5 connectivity to ANY device with a virtual COM port capability

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