HP research has confirmed that 70% of IoT devices are vulnerable to attack.  This is why considering the Digi TrustFence® is a smart move.

Embedded security is a critical design component for a growing number of connected IoT applications and devices. Evolving technology and network connectivity expose device manufacturers to significant new security risks and engineering challenges. Digi TrustFence® provides a tested and fully integrated Linux security framework designed for the long product life cycle of embedded devices. Now you can jump ahead of the complexity of device security with a module platform designed for security from the start.

Rely on Digi TrustFence to help bring connected products to market faster, smarter and more secure. Digi TrustFence is the security framework for Digi ConnectCore® 6UL and Digi ConnectCore 6 system-on-module solutions. The built-in security of Digi TrustFence gives you immediate access to critical features including secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, access-controlled ports, secure software updates, and seamless integration of the dedicated on-module Secure Element (SE).

Simplify building secure connected products with Digi TrustFence. Let Digi TrustFence handle security for you with a full range of built-in features including:

  • Secure Boot Ensures only signed software images can run on a device
  • Encrypted Storage Local file system encryption keeps internal device data safe
  • Protected Ports Access-controlled internal and external ports prevent unwanted “back doors”
  • Device Identity Root of trust, certificate management, and secure key storage identity protection
  • Device Integrity Tamper-proofing and device-integrity monitoring with low-power support protect against physical intrusion
  •  Secure Connections Enterprise-level data encryption for wired and wireless network privacy
  •  Life-cycle Longevity Rely on a Digi-maintained future-proof platform architecture

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