Glyn has released a new low-cost starter kit that is suitable for evaluating or developing with 3G/4G and upcoming 5G technologies.  The EVB will accommodate a plugin PCIe or GFF card making it suitable for swapping technologies very fast.  The baseboard pcb has breakout connectors and is powered by a USB power source. 

Cellular Technologies supported with the EVB:
–  CAT3/4 LTE – 4G
–  CAT1 LTE – 4G
–  CAT M1 – 4G
–  CAT NB IoT – 4G
–  2G/3G/4G/5G


Latest Industry Cellular news:
5G is on the cards to be implemented in the very near future that will enable amazing applications.  Below is some exciting 5G industry news for ANZ.


Telstra 5G Innovation Centre launch in Queensland:


Telit 5G vision:  


EVB Purchasing Options / more information:
Can be purchased as a full kit or bare baseboard
Bare baseboard option requires a mini PCIe or GFF cellular card / antennas
More details, Information and colateral is available on the Glynstore product page
EVB Available now at the Glyn Store