Pursuing an ideal Power Supply Layout

If you are involved in power supply design then this article we believe will be invaluable for you. MPS is providing world leading technology in performance and packaging. In this episode of their ongoing EMI series, they explore how PCB design can greatly impact a DC/DC power supply’s emissions performance. EMI expert Jens Hedrich reviews a PCB design in its three dimensions to explain general circuit placement, cover how parasitic board elements can be used as noise filters, and address controversial layout questions such as, “should I place copper under my inductor?”

Our in-house power supply design specialist LK Wong is available to work with you from block diagram through to correct component selection.  Then, together with the team at MPS, a full design warrant of fitness is developed to ensure best design practice.

You can initially email LK and where necessary we can sign an NDA before this free design support service is provided to you.

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