Ultra-small form-factor Power Management IC (PMIC) for charging batteries and power delivery

Written by Glyn High Tech

May 31, 2021

The nPM1100 is a dedicated power management IC (PMIC) with dual-mode configurable buck regulator and integrated battery charger. It is designed as a complementary component to Nordic’s nRF52® Series and nRF53® Series System-on-Chips (SoCs) to ensure reliable power delivery and stable operation, whilst maximizing battery life through high efficiency and low quiescent currents.

The dual-mode regulator operates at up to 92 % power conversion efficiency, prolonging battery life of any nRF52® or nRF53® SoC based application using a rechargeable battery. Hysteretic mode reduces current consumption for low load conditions, while PWM mode allows for cleaner power operation and better performance for higher loads. The regulator can deliver up to 150 mA, efficiently providing ample current for the nRF52® or nRF53® Series SoC plus additional circuitry.

The device can also be used as a generic PMIC for any rechargeable application. Its extremely compact form factor makes it ideal for advanced wearables, connected medical devices, and other size constrained applications. When optimized for size, PCB area usage can be as low as 23 mm2 with passive components included. This increases to approximately 27 mm2 when optimized for performance.

Key benefits

  •  Combined USB battery charging and power supply with as little as 23mm2 PCB area including passives
  • 100 % pin configurable, no software needed
  • Prolongs battery life of any nRF52® or nRF53® Series SoC based application using a rechargeable battery
  • Provides ample current for both the SoC and additional circuitry

Key features

  • Ultra-small form factor PMIC
    • 2.075 x 2.075 mm WLCSP package
  • 400 mA battery charger
    • Automatic charging mode
    • For Li-ion and Li-Polymer batteries
    • Battery thermal protection
  • Highly efficient regulator
    • Up to 92 % power conversion efficiency
    • Hysteretic and PWM mode
    • Selectable outout voltage
    • 150 mA current limit
  • Input regulator with USB support
    • SDP, CDP, DCP port detection
    • Overvoltage protection
  • Ship mode that disables power output
  • Drivers for charge and error LEDs
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature


The nPM1100 Evaluation Kit (EK) is a tool for evaluating then nPM1100 and its features in your application. The kit features switches for all selectable settings, buttons to enter and exit ship mode and connectors for batteries, USB and headers for all pins on the PMIC.

The EK allows for testing of the nPM1100 PMICs capabilities with existing applications without the need for creating custom hardware. The board supports charging batteries and powering applications with the included headers and battery connectors. It can be powered three ways:

  • By USB power via the on-board micro-USB port
  • From an external DC power supply through header pins
  • From battery power via one of the headers

The kit further includes buttons to enter and exit the PMICs ship mode together with DIP-switches for all configuration options such as selecting the charger termination voltage, regulator output voltage, charge current and VBUS current limit, and fixing the buck regulator mode to PWM mode only. The kit also includes indicator LEDs for charge and error indication.

There is no programmable logic on the board, hence setup requires no programming for testing with existing hardware applications. The EK is designed for optimized performance. Refer to Nordic whitepaper nWP040 for size optimized layouts.

Download the Data Sheet Here


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Information extracted from nordicsemi.com (link)

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