Ultra-Low-Power LoRa Solutions for Long-Range, Low-Power Designs

Written by Glyn High Tech

January 21, 2021

The SAM R34 is a highly integrated family of LoRa technology devices that include an ultra-low-power, a high-performance 32-bit microcontroller (MCU), a LoRa transceiver and a software stack. With their certified reference designs and proven interoperability with major LoRaWAN® gateway and network providers, the SAM R34 devices significantly reduce time to market for Internet of Things (IoT) end devices.

WLR089U0 and SAM R34 Software Features

  • Developed, maintained and supported by Microchip
  • Supports Class A and Class C modes of operation
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.4 regional parameters
  • Multi-region support: US915, EU868, AS923, AU915, KR920, IN865 bands supported
  • Proven operation with leading network providers including Actility, Senet, The Things Network and Everynet

Create Smaller Nodes

  • Integrated 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 based MCU and Sub-GHz radio
  • Up to 256 KB Flash and 40 KB RAM
  • Compact 6 × 6 mm BGA package ICs and small 17.5 × 13.5 mm SMT module

Increase Battery Life

  • Ultra-low-power 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0 based MCU
  • Sleep currents down to 790 nA
  • Low-power RAM with battery backup

Reduce Your Design Risk

  • Certified module with u.FL connector
  • Certified IC reference design package
  • Interoperability-tested software
  • Trusted supply chain

IC or Module: What Is the Best Option for Your Design?

WLR089U0 Modules

Ultra-Low-Power, Regulatory-Certified Turnkey LoRa Solution

  • Based on the ATSAMR34J18 ultra-low-power IC
  • FCC, IC and RED certified
  • Integrated u.FL antenna connector for ease of use
  • Integrated RF switch to support 868 and 915 MHz bands
  • 256 KB Flash, 40 KB RAM for application and LoRaWAN stack
  • Low power consumption of less than 800 nA with RAM retention
  • Integrated TCXO for higher precision
  • SMT package with castellated pads for easy soldering and visual inspection
  • Compact 17 × 13.5 mm size

SAM R34 LoRa Technology ICs

Ultra-Low-Power and Small LoRa Technology ICs

  • Highly integrated ICs with ultra-low-power Arm Cortex-M0+ based MCU and LoRa technology radio
  • Up to 256 KB Flash and 40 KB RAM to accommodate application code and stack
  • 862 MHz to 1020 MHz coverage with 20 dBm max output power
  • Ultra-low-power sleep modes as low as 790 nA
  • Compact 64-pin 6 × 6 mm BGA package
  • Certified reference design package

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Information extracted from microchip.com (link)

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