Jamie Pegg

Senior Business Development Manager - NZ South

Q and A with Jamie

What do you like most about living in the South Island?

What’s not to like?  My family and I lived in Auckland for 11 years and then moved to Christchurch 4 years ago.  The size of the city and its proximity to the mountains are great. As an avid mountain biker, I am in paradise!  The natural beauty on the south island is something else.  I am much more of a mountains person than a beach person so I am in the right place.

What do you enjoy most about your industry?

This role gives me the opportunity to communicate with a variety of people and see what exciting projects people are working on.  There are some really smart people here in New Zealand.  It is great that I can still have hands on tool time as well as having my main focus on  my customers in the lower North Island and the South Island.

What is your particular passion within electronics?

I have come from a hardware design background and then moved into a more commercial role over 15 years ago.  The state of technology now is really interesting.  Helping people bring their ideas to market in the electronics components distribution is a real buzz.

I particularly find programmable logic and IoT really interesting.  The proliferation of more cost effective Bluetooth modules, WiFi, Cat M and LTE are opening up doors.

 What do you do outside of work hours?

My family is key of course!  With two kids, I have an active and busy family life. I am also hugely grateful that my wife is very tolerant of my mountain biking. In Christchurch, we have some awesome bike tracks and bike parks.