Glyn enjoys great partnerships with many businesses including the team at Telit.

Telit is an industry leader in utilising the Internet of Things to transform business across every industry. The scope of IoT, as many of us know, is unprecedented – from connecting and managing assets on the edge, to enabling actionable insights that improve business operations and provide a competitive advantage, companies are capitalizing on IoT enabled solutions.

One productive Telit partnership is with Tennant, who are known for high quality floor cleaning machines. This case study highlights how they use Telit modules (as well as Telit’s connectivity services and IoT platform) to stay ahead in the market with their Intelligent Remote Information System, powered by Telit.


To remain competitive in the marketplace, Tennant knew that it needed to develop a solution that addresses its customers’ demand for highly effective fleet management tools. Tennant began using in-house IoT technology to collect limited customer machine data, but realized the solution did not exceed customer expectations. After this in-house development period, Tennant decided to rely on Telit technology and guidance to build an end-to-end IoT solution called the Intelligent Remote Information System (IRIS).

 Why Telit?

Telit’s portfolio of modules, connectivity, platforms, and expertise offers a uniquely powerful value proposition as an end-to-end solution enabler. Tennant’s ERP partner, SAP, suggested Telit as an excellent provider of communication hardware and device management software technologies.

Telit’s cellular modules and SIM cards enable cellular data transmission throughout the highly mobile cleaning fleets of Tennant’s customers. Telit’s IoT platform resides inside Tennant’s products and in the cloud – capturing machine data, aggregating it and providing a gateway to SAP HANA.


The advanced data collection and delivery capabilities of the IRIS solution exists as a strong competitive differentiator for Tennant. So much so, the company expects to see more machine sales. Tennant increased sales in repair and replenishment service contracts because of the in-house solution offering, the ability to provide comprehensive details on machine status and growing usage among its customers’ fleet managers.

Tennant’s decision to build on Telit’s scalable Internet of Things platform enables it to add more advanced functionality to the solution – such as predictive maintenance – throughout its lifecycle.

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