Guil Ries is a Business Development Manager based at Glyn’s NZ office in Auckland. Guil’s first year at Glyn has seen him achieve outstanding results, including the best Microchip design wins across the entire network of Australia/New Zealand distributors in four periods during 2017 — and he is the sole leader for the Grand Prize for the 2017 financial year. Guil has actively tackled the challenges of a competitive electronics world by establishing solid connections with new clients throughout New Zealand with his positive, highly motivated outlook. He says that visiting customers, talking through their requirements and meeting their needs are his top priority. Guil is a valued member of the Glyn team and is making a dynamic contribution to the company’s growing success.

ASK GUIL: Do you have a deisgn or product query?  Ask Guil for some high tech input. Please email Glyn Ltd’s NZ Business Development Manager, Guil Ries, at