If your project requires RF communication, then your instinct as an engineer would likely have led you to the websites of silicon manufacturers only to discover some daunting facts staring you in the face, writes Martin de Lange, Glyn Ltd’s M2M/IoT solutions architect.

The Doomsday scenario

  • Man years to add support for a seemingly common technology such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, LTE etc
  • High risk of a work stopping bug somewhere
  • Silicon vendors that will provide great assistance…if only you required millions of parts
  • Approvals that are hard to understand and costly
  • Swapping out for different RF technologies would be even harder and more time consuming

Digi is a low-risk partner providing common technologies on globally approved OEM modules.  Digi is the creator of the popular XBee formfactor that many have tried to imitate.

Now comes XBee3

  • Reduced size at 13mm x19 mm, weight and power, allows customers to shrink the interface board size to reduce the overall device footprint and weight
  • Ideal module for compact, battery-operated applications for the hand-held market
  • Build simplified connected devices with reduced BOM cost
  • Eliminates the need for external microcontroller for simple sensor/actuator applications — which reduces costs and simplifies design
  • Smart end nodes and low-end gateways mean that OEMs can create their own unique features and functionality, while added flash and RAM capacity is available to support local programmability using MicroPython
  • Local wired and wireless sensor connectivity enables the controlling of a network of sensors over Bluetooth
  • Next generation security
  • Expansion of product line to LTE-M and NB-IoT

Why choose Digi as a partner?

  • Digi has been in existence for a long time
  • Mature Eco systems and collateral for all products
  • RF modules that support common requirements
  • A  partner that will do all the heavy lifting for you

The clear winning solution:

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