Here is a Telit case study about how the restaurant industry uses Telit’s platform to get real-time updates on cooking oil usage trends and filtration practices, so restaurants know when it’s time to change the oil in their fryers.

Restaurant Technologies (RT) provides a complete oil management solution to more than 25,000 food service locations in 40 metropolitan markets across the U.S. RT wished to deploy a wireless telemetry system to deliver real-time usage updates from cooking oil tanks on customers’ sites and, as a result, streamline the routing and schedules of its drivers and field technicians.

Why Telit?
The advanced cloud-based management portal on Telit IoT Platform enabled RT to provide a robust cloud-based access point for internal and customer consumption of data alike – a capability that is still unmatched in the industry today. The platform’s vast machine driver library and robust edge functionality, running inside the CalAmp gateway deployed at the customer site, ensured quick deployment of RT’s hardware and software solution with minimal downtime for its fast-food restaurant chain customers. RT’s initial point of contact in the IoT market was AT&T, which referred Telit to RT as their preferred end-to-end IoT solution provider for developing and deploying new IoT deployments.

The solution securely collects and aggregates data at the RT’s customer sites from its machines. Through the cloud, data on usage can be delivered to both RT employees and their customers’ restaurant managers – detailing cooking oil usage trends and filtration practices. RT found the investment in IoT hardware and software and the recurring cost of the cellular service pays for itself in less than two years through reduced service costs and improved sales of oil and filtration monitoring services. IoT has reduced the time and effort needed to install the remote monitoring equipment and eliminated the need to tie into the customer’s network. Additionally, sales costs are reduced by cutting the time required to engage with its customers’ IT group to capture the appropriate network settings.

RT has realized the potential of machine-to-machine communication in field service operations. By leveraging IoT technology to not only monitor its own equipment but also fryers and other smart equipment in the kitchen, the company opened the opportunity to expand from total oil management to total operations management (TOM). This added intelligence is fed into RT’s customer portal, enabling new insights for restaurant owners and equipment suppliers that will improve quality control, compliance and, ultimately, drive cost savings.

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