500mA, I2C-Controlled Battery Charger with Power Path Management 

The MP2661 is a highly integrated, single-cell, Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charger with system power path management for space-limited, portable applications, such as wearable Devices, fitness Accessories and smart handheld devices. The MP2661 uses input power from either an AC adapter or a USB port to supply the system load and charge the battery independently. The charger features trickle charge, constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) regulation, charge termination, and charge status.  

The power path management function ensures continuous power to the system by automatically selecting the input, the battery, or both to power the system. This power stage features a low dropout regulator from the input to the system and a 100mΩ switch from the battery to the system. Power path management separates the charging current from the system load, which allows for proper charge termination and keeps the battery in full-charge mode.  

Key Benefits of using MP2661:  

• System Power Path Controls how the source Power (USB) is allocated. The system takes high priority  

• The MP2661 automatically selects the USB input, the battery or both to maintain continuous power source to the system  

• The MP2661 has an I2C interface, PCB OTP and system reset for flexible charge control and protection  

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