Glyn can assist with every part of your power supply design. From full turnkey, through to power module and also providing design assistance for your own ground up design.

Whether it be mains, battery, solar we can offer a wide portfolio of high quality and world leading power solutions.

- Chassis MountTDK Lambda
- Custom SolutionsTDK Lambda
- Din RailTDK Lambda
- External DesktopTDK LambdaAdaptertech
- External Wall MountAdaptertech
- MedicalTDK LambdaAdaptertech
- PCB MountTDK Lambda
- Power Conversion ICsMPS
- Rack Mount/Hot SwapTDK Lambda
- Chassis MountTDK LambdaIsahaya
- Din RailTDK Lambda
- Isolated PCB MountTDK LambdaIsahaya
- MedicalTDK Lambda
- POL Non IsolatedTDK LambdaIsahaya
- Power Conversion ICsMonolithic Power
- Power Supply Module ICMonolithic Power
- RailwayTDK Lambda
- Bench MountTDK Lambda 
- Chassis MountTDK Lambda
- Rack MountTDK Lambda
- Diode ModulesMitsubishi Electric
- DIP IPMMitsubishi Electric
- High Voltage IGBT/IPMMitsubishi Electric
- IGBT Module Gate DriversTamuraIsahaya
- IGBT ModulesMitsubishi Electric
- IPMMitsubishi Electric
- POEMonolithic Power
- Power MOSFET ModulesMitsubishi Electric
- SiC Gate DriversTamura
- SiC IGBT ModulesMitsubishi Electric
- Step DownMonolithic Power
- Step UpMonolithic Power
- USBMonolithic Power
DC-DC Power ModulesTamura
Current SensorsTamura
Linear Power TransformersTamura
Noise FiltersTDK Lambda
UltracapacitorsMaxwellGreen Energy

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