The World’s First High Performance Mass Flow Controller by Sensirion

Written by Glyn High Tech

April 26, 2021

SFC5500 mass flow controller series represent the culmination of Sensirion’s excellent 20-year track record in precision control of gas flow. The sensor is based on the microthermal measurement principle and makes use of Sensirion’s proven CMOSens® MEMS Technology. This allowed us to build a radical mass flow controller with best-in-class performance and excellent reliability, which unlike most other devices on the market, does not drift and does not require in-service re-calibration.

Thanks to the exceptionally high control range enabled by the CMOSens® MEMS flow sensor, SFC5500 series can cover multiple flow ranges of a traditional mass flow controller in a single device. Coupled with multi-gas calibration and exchangeable fittings, SFC5500 series are the first mass flow controllers on the market available as standard off-the-shelf products suitable for applications in medical, analytical and industrial sectors. Thanks to this versatility, SFC5500 series are also the first mass flow controllers available via catalogue distribution.

SFC5500 series complements the SFC5xxx family of Sensirion’s best-in-class mass flow Controllers, offering the same top performance as SFC5400 and is thus suited for a broad range of applications where best accuracy, highest speed and widest dynamic range are needed. However, unlike the highly configurable SFC5400 series, SFC5500 series mass flow controllers are available in several standard pre-configured variants. For other gasses, flow ranges, fittings and interfaces please check SFC5400, or Sensirion’s most cost-efficient solution for large OEM projects – SFC5300.


  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability (0.8% / 0.1% of setpoint respectively)
  • Very wide control range (better than 1000:1)
  • Ultra-fast settling time (<100 ms)
  • G ¼″ flange compatible with a broad range of connectors: e.g. Swagelok, Legris, Festo
  • Calibrated for multiple gases (Air, N2, O2, H2, He, CH4, N2O, Ar, CO2)
  • Digital interface with temperature-compensated output
  • EK-F5x evaluation kit for quick and easy testing
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 169 years
  • No drift and no re-calibration required in the field


  • Analytical instruments (e.g. gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, thermal analysis)
  • Bioreactors
  • Medical equipment (e.g. ventilation, anesthesia)
  • Process control and industrial automation (e.g. coating, thermal processing)
  • Chemical, plastics and glass Industry
  • Semiconductor industry (e.g. plasma etching processes, thin film deposition)
  • Gas mixing

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