Glyn OEM modem modules: We now offer three pluggable family concepts.

These 3 families are

  1. Glyn 80pin GFF form factors provide the most accessibility to all the pinouts of these highly complex modules where deeper integration is required.  Again available to meet all the cellular (but no SIM holder option) technologies, and we also have a Sigfox option now in production. We anticipate other wireless options will be added as required.
  2. Glyn mPCIe – by using this industry form factor, with USB or UART options we can again offer all of the same cellular technologies, plus there is many other wireless technologies available in the Mini PCIe form factor from 3rd parties for Wifi etc.
  3. Glyn XBee – together with pre-existing solutions from our partner Digi offering WIFI, Zigbee and 915MHz band, we have added Sigfox, LORA, and Cellular (any type be it 3G, LTE, Cat1, Catm1, NB-IOT with or without sim holder, optional GPS and voice), Xbee modules.

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You can also contact us to learn more about these families and how we can assist you with your next wireless integration.