Current SensorsTDK-Micronas
Temp and Humidity
Differential Pressure
Hall Sensor - AngleTDK Micronas
Hall Sensor - DistanceTDK-Micronas
Hall Sensor - PositionTDK-MicronasMonolithic Power
CO2 sensor
MEMS Sensors TDK Invensense
Tilt, Shock, Vibration
Liquid Flow
Mass Flow Meters
Mass Flow Gas Controller
Gas Sensors
MEMS Microphones TDK Invensense
Sensor FusionTDK Invensense
USB Interface Sensors

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An introduction to Ultra Wideband (UWB) location technology

Ultra-Wideband RF Solutions to help locate, anything,  pretty much anywhere? The answer is Decawave.  Jamie Pegg talks us through three solutions. A brief overview of the theory: The aim is to measure distance between objects, in order to determine their precise...

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