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Connectors for Photovoltaic Systems

Y-Sol4 F.A.T. (Free Assembly Type) PV plug connector system: Simple assembly without crimping tool

Y-Sol Connector System

Your benefits:

    • Assemble in only three easy steps
    • No crimping tool required
    • Two--set packaging

Installers of photovoltaic (PV) systems know this situation only too well.

Cables have to be routed and solar modules have to be connected to each other - in the field or on the roof. Plug connectors have to be mounted on the cables for this purpose. The installer will obviously want to minimise the number of components that have to be taken along for this purpose.

"All I want is to complete the installation quickly and reliably"

…sums up the attitude of most installers. Each individual part can get lost and takes space and time during installation. Even the crimping tool is extra ballast. And many connectors need their "own" special crimp tool. One cannot be sure that the right crimping tool is always in the tool box.

Simply plug it in - it fits and lasts for the next 100 years

The installer's wish is fulfilled by the YAMAICHI Y-Sol4 F.A.T. (Free Assembly Type) plug connector system. The plug connector is fully compatible with the well-known Y-Sol4 type. It was designed for simple, safe and extra quick installation in the field.

Easy to keep in order

The Y-Sol4 F.A.T. connectors are already delivered in the simplest possible form.

The male plug connectors are provided in a re-sealable bag as single, pre-assembled units. The female connectors are delivered in another bag, also as single, pre-assembled units. The usual packaging size is 50 plugs or sockets per bag. This type of packaging ensures easy handling and reduces the number of components required to a minimum.

The Y-Sol4 plugs in easily

Y-Sol Cable Assemblies

Installation Instructions (233KB)

In the field, just loosen the screw connection and insert the bare conductor into the connector from the rear. A firm thumb press on the spring contact is sufficient to latch the contact rocker with tactile feedback. The connection between contact and conductor has been made. In the last work step, the plug connector is screwed tight, using two plastic spanners. A latched plug connector can be loosened by using the same multi-purpose plastic spanners.

Nobody is faster

The Y-Sol4 F.A.T. is suitable for conductor cross-sections of 1.5 mm² - 6 mm².

The plug connector system consists only of two individual parts. No other system can be assembled faster on site.

IP67 protection against dust and humidity

The Y-Sol4 F.A.T. complies with Protection Class IP67, i.e. dust and humidity cannot affect the plug connection system in the harsh outside environment. The system even survives submersion in water for a short time. The contacts of the Y-Sol4 F.A.T. are punched from high-quality copper alloy that reduces transfer resistance and power losses to a minimum. The appropriate requirements, e.g. the EN50521 standard for PV plug connectors, are therefore fulfilled or even exceeded.

TÜ- tested and certified
YAMAICHI has monitored the suitability of the PV plug connectors in various long-term tests in parallel to the development phase. Appropriate tests were also performed by the TÜV and are confirmed in the product certificate.

Clean cables for clean energy - also available at GLYN

The right cable - Solarbetaflam 125 4 mm².

Whether in stand-alone or grid-connected systems - our cables fulfil the same high requirements that apply to the solar modules:

Long service life and high weather resistance

Our double-insulated, electron-beam, cross-linked cables comply with the highest requirements for solar cables. They can be used as module or strand cables without restrictions. This solar cable is TÜV-approved for the European market and also has UL approval.


Y-Sol4 F.A.T. is an important addition to the hermetically sealed products of the Y-Sol® range (pre-assembled plug connector and sockets). This product makes installation in the field simpler, safer and faster.

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Part Number
Spanner Tool
Y-Sol Kabel 4mm²
Y-SOLCABLE-4.OUL-068-001 (Meterware)
Y-Sol Info-Flyer

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Y-Sol  Sample Case

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